The Technology Development Trend Of SMS Material

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This article introduces the technological development trend of sms material.

1. Fine denier

Fiber fineness becomes smaller, which is of great help to improve product uniformity, softness, breaking strength, and reduce elongation. Therefore, the finer denier of fibers is the eternal goal of spunmelt technology.

2. High barrier property

With the increasingly intensified market competition and the continuous improvement of consumer requirements, people pay more and more attention to the leak-proof function of diapers, and the degree of leak-proof requirements is getting higher and higher, so how to improve the barrier properties of spunmelt nonwovens , which must be considered in equipment and process innovation.

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3. High speed

Cost is an important factor in market competition. The advancement of technology and the upgrading of equipment must focus on reducing the cost of products, and improving speed and efficiency are the goals pursued by the new generation of equipment.

4. Multi-die head

In order to improve product performance and increase production speed, a single die head or fewer die heads can no longer meet the needs of production. The current high-speed equipment has developed from the original single-head and double-head 3 die heads to the current 5 die heads or even 7~8 die heads make the new equipment more flexible and advantageous in terms of production efficiency and product conversion.

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5. Quick mold change

With the rapid development of the diaper market, the requirements for spunmelt nonwoven products are getting higher and higher, regardless of softness, embossing, etc., which require flexibility and change. How to quickly change the mold, change the color or embossing to meet different consumption It is an important task to reduce the operating cost of enterprises and improve flexibility, and it is also an important goal of equipment innovation and development.

6. Soft fluffy

With the increasingly fierce market competition and the continuous improvement of consumer demand, people's requirements for diapers are not only satisfied with the performance of preventing and leaking, but also have higher and higher requirements for soft and comfortable hand feeling. Therefore, manufacturers of nonwoven fabrics try to improve the feel of nonwoven fabrics by modifying equipment and improving formulas on existing production equipment.

To sum up, this article briefly introduces the technical development trend of sms material: fine denier, high barrier property, high speed, multi-die head, quick die change and soft fluff, in order to provide reference for related research.

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