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Adult Diapers Have Become A Necessity For The Elderly And Pregnant Women

Author:Baby & Adult Diaper Materials FROM:Diaper Materials Manufacturer TIME:2022-04-15

With the continuous changes in the domestic population structure, these unpopular categories such as adult diapers have also begun to be recognized by more and more consumers. In fact, the seemingly unpopular market demand for adult diapers is surprising. According to statistics, the compound annual growth rate of the adult diapers market even exceeds that of women and baby products.
Adult diapers
With the accelerating aging of my country and the increase in life expectancy, the demand for incontinence products has soared. At the same time, because adult diapers are a product with high stickiness and high repurchase rate, and have typical explosive potential, they have also attracted the attention of many e-commerce platforms, and the number of diapers sold through e-commerce channels is often even larger.

According to the monitoring of the whole category of mother and baby, found that the average monthly sales of adult diapers from March 2020 to May 2021 on JD. .

At present, the concentration of the adult diaper market is not high, mainly domestic brands, and many brands are in a state of accelerated expansion.

For the product quality of adult diapers, the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Safety has stricter GB/T28004 requirements, that is, to ensure pure cotton and contain safe and clean polymers to meet the additive standard. However, as the market develops, industry technologies and products are upgraded. Today, functions such as "ultra-thin", "breathable", "skin-friendly", and "leak-proof legcuff" have also become standard features of popular products.
Adult incontinence products
In terms of price, consumers also have a relatively high price acceptance for adult diapers. According to the analysis of the specific data of the hot-selling products, the single-piece price of the top-selling hot products is basically between 1 and 3.5 yuan. This also shows that consumers do not only pay attention to the price factor when purchasing adult diapers, and more consumers tend to pay for diapers with better quality and moderate price (ie high cost performance).

To a certain extent, adult diapers are more suitable for bedridden at home scenarios, and are more suitable for moderate to severe incontinence and paralyzed bedridden elderly. Therefore, for pregnant women or other groups with mild incontinence and still have a certain mobility, adult pull-up pants suitable for travel scenarios show the same strong demand.
Diaper industry
With the continuation of aging and the continuous subdivision and upgrading of their families' needs for urinary and incontinence health care including diapers, the diaper industry will definitely have more and more subdivided products, subgroups and new business models. chance. In the end, the winner must be an innovative enterprise with strong technology accumulation, the most profound insight into user needs, and the most sensitive to new marketing models.

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