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Misunderstandings In Choosing Adult Diapers

Author:Baby & Adult Diaper Materials FROM:Diaper Materials Manufacturer TIME:2022-04-15

Because adult diapers can bring convenience to people with incontinence, more and more people can accept it calmly. However, the choice of adult diapers is very important. Poor-quality adult diapers will cause damage to the skin of incontinent people, especially the skin of the elderly is more fragile. So have you stepped on these misunderstandings?

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1. Diapers have poor air permeability. For incontinent people, adult diapers need to be worn for a long time. If the diapers cannot quickly expel moisture, problems such as stuffiness, skin redness, and eczema will occur if the diapers are used for a long time.


2. There is leakage of urine in diapers. The leakproofness of adult diapers is very important. If urine leakage occurs, it means that the leakproofness of the diapers is poor and not close to the body.


3. The absorbent capacity of diapers is poor. Adults have a lot of urine and need diapers with strong absorption capacity. If the water absorption is poor, the urine will often come into contact with the skin, and the urine contains bacteria, which will cause great damage to the skin in the long run.


4. The topsheet non woven fabric of diapers is not soft enough. Diapers are in direct contact with the skin, and the skin in the private parts will be more fragile. If the topsheet material is not soft enough, it will be uncomfortable to wear.

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The above misunderstandings are also issues that everyone needs to consider when buying adult diapers. Only by choosing the correct diapers can we truly appreciate the convenience brought by adult diapers.


So what kind of adult diapers should we choose?


First of all, you should choose a soft topsheet, which is designed for fragile skin and better care for the fragile skin of the elderly. You should also choose a pant design, with waistband non woven that wraps around the body, making it easy to put on and take off.


The three-dimensional 3D embossed topsheet can reduce the contact area between the skin and the diaper, and quickly absorb urine, and its diversion layer can diffuse the urine within a few seconds, reducing the contact with the skin, so there is no need to worry about the urine will be long-term with the skin, and contact can easily cause injury. The pants diaper uses a breathable woven backing film, which can quickly discharge moisture and reduce the hot and humid feeling caused by long-term wearing of diapers. The diaper is made of comfortable and soft material, and the surface layer is added with aloe vera, chamomile and vitamin E skin care essence.

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Regarding leak-proofness, pants diapers have three-dimensional leak-proof partitions and elastic leg circumferences that closely fit the crotch, so no matter how much you move, you don't need to worry about side leakage.


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