Diaper Backsheet Application Common Problems And Solutions

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In recent years, manufacturers of hygiene products have put forward requirements for improving product comfort on the basis of ensuring product functionality (that is, no leakage after absorbing liquid).

In the process of improving product comfort, manufacturers mainly use skin-friendly and soft fabrics to reduce skin irritation; use lighter and thinner core structures to reduce clothing requirements to improve user experience; use The diaper backsheet that regulates the humidity is the polyolefin microporous breathable film to eliminate the damp and stuffy feeling when the hygiene products are used.

Breathable membranes are becoming more and more popular in China's hygiene products market, and hygiene products manufacturers have also raised further issues, such as more beautiful positioning printing, softer and more economical products. For this reason, the blown film breathable film came into being, which broke through the bottleneck of traditional casting breathable film in terms of color registration, positioning and economy.

This article briefly summarizes the common problems and solutions in the application of diaper backsheet-blown film.

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1. Water vapor transmission rate

It is generally believed in the industry that the water vapor transmission rate of blown film is low, but that was the previous situation. Now, through the adjustment of process and formula, the water vapor transmission rate of blown film can reach the current level. The extension film is at the same level.

2. Dust

There is a powder drop problem in the breathable film, whether it is a cast film or a blown film, but the blown film may drop more powder. This problem can only be solved by strengthening the cleaning frequency of the diaper production line.

3. Transverse tensile strength

At present, the transverse tensile strength of 14g/square meter and 16g/square meter blown film is completely comparable to that of 18g/square meter cast film. After efforts in the future, it is hoped that 12g/square meter blown film can also achieve this goal.

4. Urine display

Because the whiteness of blown film is higher than that of cast film, the effect of urine display is not so obvious, but it is within the acceptable range. Manufacturers should formulate additional testing standards for urine-marking effects for blown film products, instead of continuing to use the standards for cast products.

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At present, the blown film breathable film has been successfully applied to products such as diapers, bringing a revolutionary solution to diaper backsheet.

Twenty years ago, the development of domestic cast film from ordinary PE to breathable film was a historic breakthrough, which played a positive role in solving the problems of users' dampness, stuffiness and diaper rash. Today, 20 years later, the promotion and application of blown film breathable film technology in China will become a milestone in the history of sanitary films. The blown film breathable film has unique advantages in reducing diaper rash, making the product lighter and softer, more beautiful in positioning, and more economical in use. At present, there are 50 W&H blown film lines in use around the world, with an annual production capacity of nearly 200,000 tons.

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