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Quality Testing of Baby Diaper

Author:Baby & Adult Diaper Materials FROM:Diaper Materials Manufacturer TIME:2022-04-12

As a commonly used baby product, the quality of baby diaper must be deeply concerned by parents. The quality testing of baby diaper is particularly important, which is an important guarantee for the quality of baby diapers and the safety of babies. So how does baby diaper pass the test?

1. Baby diaper testing standard

GB/T 28004-2011 Diapers (sheets, pads);
GB/T 15979-2002 Hygiene Standard for Disposable Sanitary Products;

2. Baby diaper testing items

A. GB/T 28004-2011 Diapers (sheets, pads)
Penetration performance
Delivery moisture

B. GB/T 15979-2002 Hygiene Standard for Disposable Hygiene Products
Toxicology test
Microbial testing
Bactericidal performance, bacteriostatic performance and stability test
baby diaper testing

3. Baby diaper testing cost and time

Charge according to test items

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