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How To Choose Baby Diapers?

Author:Baby & Adult Diaper Materials FROM:Diaper Materials Manufacturer TIME:2022-04-14

Like milk powder and milk bottles, diapers are also a must-have item for parenting families. These are a type of small trousers that are specially used to facilitate defecation and urination. They can be thrown away after use and do not need to be cleaned, which can save parents a lot of time and energy. . Therefore, before the baby is born, mothers should start to prepare diapers.

The baby's skin is very sensitive and fragile. The soft diaper wraps the little buttocks, which can effectively prevent harmful substances such as external germs, dust and other harmful substances from invading the baby's skin or private parts. So, how should the baby's diapers be selected?

Because the skin of baby is very delicate, the skin-friendly effect of diapers must be good, and the air permeability should be good, so that the baby will be refreshed and comfortable to wear. In addition, for babies of different ages and genders, mothers can also choose according to the type of diapers. What should be done specifically? Let's look down.

1. Choose according to the type

Baby diapers can be divided into inline diapers, waist diapers, and pants diapers. These three are relatively common styles on the market, and they all have their own characteristics. It is recommended that mothers can Choose according to your baby's age and needs.

1) Nappy

The shape of this diaper is like a nappy. When using it, you need to tie the two ends of the diaper into the baby's waistband, or fix it with a diaper pocket. Flat-line diapers are usually specially designed for newborn babies with less exercise and less urine and urination, and the market price is also very cheap.

However, the disadvantage of this kind of diapers is also quite obvious, that is, the leakage prevention effect is poor, and it is easy to cause the leakage of urine or feces due to the unstable fixing of the diapers. In addition, this kind of diaper is troublesome to put on and take off, and you need to take off the baby's pants and put them on again, so it is generally only recommended for newborn babies within 1 month.


2) The diapers with frontal tape & side tape

Waist-stick diapers are one of the most common styles on the market. Generally, there are two sticky waist stickers or ties on the trousers of this diaper. When changing the diaper for the baby, the mother needs to take off her pants first. , and then stick the waist sticker or lace on the diaper, and the stability is relatively good.

Generally, waist-mounted diapers are more suitable for babies aged 2-12 months, and are suitable for a wide range of ages. As the baby gradually grows, the amount of daily activities gradually increases, and the waist-mounted diaper can just completely wrap the baby's small buttocks, and the wearing burden is small, which usually does not affect the normal activities of Xiaobei nose.

3) Panty-type diapers

This kind of diaper is also called "pull up pants" or "long pants". From the appearance, it looks like a baby's panties. It fits the baby's butt well and is not easy to cause discomfort.

Pants diapers are more suitable for babies over 1 year old. This is because most babies at this stage can walk on their stomachs and their activity levels have increased significantly. At this time, putting on relatively convenient pull-up pants for babies can Help your baby perform daily activities better and reduce the burden of activities.

pants diaper

2. Select according to function

It is the most basic and most important function of diapers to facilitate the baby to defecate and urinate. However, as baby diapers become more and more humanized, more and more diapers on the market now have functions such as urine display, moisturizing and gender differentiation. We can choose the function of diapers according to the actual needs of Xiaobei nose.

1) Wetness indicator function

With the maturity of production technology, many baby diapers on the market now have a Wetness indicator function. The so-called urine display function actually refers to the obvious discoloration or fading of the diaper after the baby urinates. In this way, parents can change diapers for the baby as soon as possible, thereby reducing the phenomenon of urine irritation and red buttocks.

At present, the urine display principles of diapers include ink urine display and hot-melt urine display. The former uses the physical urine display principle. When the baby's urine is immersed in the ink, the colored molecules will be washed away, and the color will fade and urine display prompt.

The latter is a urine display prompt that uses the chemical pH value change of urine to cause discoloration of diapers. Both of these are relatively accurate and safe urine display principles, which can effectively remind parents to change diapers for their babies in time. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers It can be given priority.

2) Emollient function

The baby's little butt is very delicate and fragile, and it is easy to be irritated by urine. Therefore, some brand diapers on the market now add some natural emollient ingredients on the surface, such as vitamin E, essential oil moisturizing ingredients, etc. In this way, the diaper can form a moisturizing film on the baby's little buttocks to protect the health of the buttocks.

Not only that, after adding emollient ingredients, the surface layer of the diaper can be made softer and skin-friendly, and the friction on the baby's butt will be reduced. However, it cannot be ruled out that some babies with sensitive skin will be allergic to such substances, so it is best for mothers to buy two tablets for their babies to try, and use them with confidence if there is no adverse reaction.

3) Distinguish gender function

Baby boy diapers, as the name suggests, refers to diapers specially developed for male babies. Compared with ordinary diapers, the absorption area of this type of diapers is generally more forward, because the urine area of male babies is usually more forward, so that the urine can be absorbed immediately after the baby urinates.

Baby diapers are diapers specially designed for female babies. Since the urination area of the general female baby is relatively back, the absorbent material of this diaper is usually relatively back, so that the female baby can be in a relatively comfortable place. Pee in the area to reduce skin irritation from urine.

Compared with ordinary diapers, this gender-specific diaper will be more intimate. For the urination area of boys and girls, the appropriate position adjustment of the absorbent material in the diaper can effectively improve the absorption of urine, thereby helping To prevent Xiaobei nose red buttocks or irritation and allergies.

3. Select according to the model

The size of the diaper is also an aspect that mothers need to choose carefully. The size and tightness of the baby's diaper must be appropriate, otherwise it is easy to strangle the baby's skin because the diaper is too small, or the diaper is too large. So parents must not ignore this when choosing.

1) Size NB

The NB size is the smallest size among baby diapers. This type of diaper is more suitable for use by a baby under 5kg or a newborn baby. This is because the size of this diaper is very small, it can fit the baby's buttocks and abdomen well, help the baby to defecate and urinate normally, and reduce the possibility of side leakage.

Therefore, if your baby is just born or is small, it is recommended to choose this type of diaper first, but as the baby grows and the weight gradually increases, wearing this diaper will easily strangle the baby's thighs and abdomen, so Such diapers are generally only used for transitional use by newborns.

2) Size S

This is a diaper with a slightly larger size than the NB size. Generally, it is more suitable for babies of 5-8 kg or 2-3 months. Through the transition of the previous time, the baby at this stage is in body shape and physical activity. There has been great progress in the above, so it is recommended to wear larger diapers.

3) Size M

M size diapers are more suitable for babies of 4-6 months or 7-11 kg. At this stage, most Xiaobei noses have basically started to add complementary foods, and their daily activities have also increased significantly. If the baby's diaper size is too small at this stage, it is not only easy to tighten the baby's body, but also inconvenient for normal activities.

4) Size L

Compared with the previous diapers, size L diapers are larger in size and volume. These diapers are generally suitable for babies of 10-14 kg or 7-12 months. At this stage, the baby is basically in the crawling and toddler stage. The L size diaper is not only convenient for the baby to move, but also less overflowing.

5) XL size

The XL size is also the plus size we often say. This diaper is very large in size. It is recommended for babies over 1 year old or babies over 13 kg. This type of diaper is usually designed with a unique high waist, which allows the diaper to fit well on the baby's belly and buttocks.

In addition, most babies at this stage have the ability to walk alone, and the amount of activity is very large. The tailored design is more in line with the needs of active babies, so it is recommended that mothers can choose it with confidence.

4. Precautions for purchase

In addition to the above selection methods, mothers should also pay attention to some purchasing details when actually choosing, such as whether the surface material is soft and comfortable, whether the brand is safe and reliable, etc. These small details may affect the comfort of the baby's wearing, so the mother We should also pay attention to this.

1) Pay attention to whether the surface material is skin-friendly and comfortable

The surface layer of the diaper refers to the layer that is close to the baby's buttocks, and the baby's skin is delicate, so the surface layer of the diaper must be skin-friendly and comfortable, without absorbing water, so that the baby's buttocks will stay dry for a long time. The surface material of baby diapers on the market is generally made of hot air non woven fabric or spunbond non woven fabric.

Spunbond non woven fabric is  composed of polyester and polypropylene. It has excellent characteristics such as lightness, thinness, strong tensile strength, safety and non-toxicity. It is not easy to break the surface material of diapers. However, because it does not contain fiber, the overall feel is relatively rough, and the ventilation effect is not very ideal.

Hot air non woven fabric is a kind of cloth fabric that uses hot air to penetrate the fiber web after carding the fibers, and then heat and rebond them. It has the characteristics of fluffy, soft, breathable and good elasticity. It is not easy to produce sultry heat when used in baby diapers, and has strong hygroscopicity. It is recommended that mothers choose it first.

2) Pay attention to whether the brand is safe and reliable

In the end, when mothers actually choose, it is best to compare the reliability of diaper brands. Since diapers are directly in contact with the baby's private parts and skin, they must meet the health and non-toxic safety standards.

Generally, well-known big brands or large companies often have more mature and advanced production systems, such as Pampers, Curiosity, Kao, etc. The products produced by these brands are usually relatively high in terms of safety and comfort. Some small factories or small brands can not match.

3) Pay attention to check whether the edge of the diaper is sewn tightly

The edge of the diaper is generally stitched tightly and evenly. On the one hand, the purpose is to make the diaper fit the baby's skin better, and on the other hand, it can effectively reduce the leakage of urine, especially for some babies who like to run. That said, a little carelessness can lead to leaking urine or poop.

baby diapers

Therefore, it is recommended that mothers must carefully check whether the edge of the diaper is tightly sewn when choosing. If there are cracks or damage, it is not recommended to buy.

Diapers are a necessary life item for Xiaobei nose. Parents must choose carefully. As long as you choose according to the type, model and function of diapers, you will definitely be able to find satisfactory and easy-to-use diapers. After reading the above content, do you already know how to choose diapers?

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