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In today's society, SAP powder have been widely used in various fields of people's production and life. However, due to the special properties of such materials, many factors will cause them to age, thereby losing application performance, resulting in damage or scrapping of the corresponding products. This paper mainly expounds the concept, main performance and main mechanism of aging of polymer materials.

1. The concept of SAP powder aging

In the process of molding, storage and application of SAP powder, its structure may change accordingly, so that its original physical properties, chemical properties and mechanical properties will also change, and gradually tend to deteriorate. development, eventually leading to the loss of its use value. For such a phenomenon, we call it the aging of polymer materials.

 super absorbent polymer powder

2. The main manifestations of SAP powder aging

In the process of molding, storage and application of SAP powder, once aging occurs, its own material structure and properties will change. Under normal circumstances, the main manifestations of aging include the following aspects: the first is the change of its surface appearance, including color change, shape change, or problems such as sticking, embrittlement and cracking; the second is its physical and chemical Changes in properties, including changes in relative molecular mass distribution, relative molecular weight, light transmittance, air permeability, cold resistance, heat resistance, solubility and melting point; third, changes in mechanical properties, including wear resistance, adhesion Changes in capacity, elongation, strength, hardness, and elasticity; fourth, changes in electrical properties, including changes in breakdown field strength, dielectric loss tangent, dielectric constant, and insulation resistance.

 SAP powder

3. The main mechanism of SAP powder aging

The main mechanism of aging of SAP powder is degradation chemical reaction and cross linking chemical reaction. Among them, the chemical reaction of degradation will lead to the reduction of the relative molecular weight, thereby reducing its electrical properties and mechanical properties, and may lead to its pulverization and sticking phenomenon. The cross linking chemical reaction will lead to an increase in the relative molecular weight. Before the cross linking reaction reaches a certain level, its heat resistance and mechanical properties will be improved, but with the gradual increase in the degree of cross linking between molecules, A cross linked network structure will form, causing it to increase in hardness and brittleness, causing it to break down and be unable to dissolve and melt.

 super absorbent polymer

In the process of studying the aging problem of SAP powder and its preventive measures, researchers first need to fully clarify the basic concept, main performance and main aging mechanism of its aging, so that the aging problem can be further clarified Therefore, it can provide scientific and reasonable reference for the prevention and control of the aging problem of polymer materials.

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