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JUHUA Export Untreated Fluff Pulp for Customer in Pakistan

We export 8*40HQ untreated fluff pulp to Pakistband customer.
Untreated fluff pulp is shortage all whole the world. 40HQ can load about 25-26 tons.
Untreated fluff pulp is used for baby diaper, sanitary napkin and adult diaper.

The process of untreated fluff pulp:
Softwood chips are first chemically digested with sulfate reagents (Na2S+NaOH) in a digester, lignin and natural extracts are removed by sulfide ions and hydroxide ions, and then the pulp is removed by a pulp washer. The waste liquid is passed through the sieve plate to remove the pulp residue in the pulp, and then goes through four times of bleaching in the chlorine dioxide and oxygen environment to improve the brightness and further remove the lignin. Trigger, pressed and dried to become reel paddle.

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