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How To Choose Baby diapers? What Kind of Baby Diapers Are Breathable?

Author:Baby & Adult Diaper Materials FROM:Diaper Materials Manufacturer TIME:2022-04-12

Baby diapers are the most familiar product for mothers. From the moment the baby is born, they should be worn every day for the baby, and seven or eight baby diapers are worn a day, and hundreds of baby diapers are used in a month. To talk about this frequency, mothers should be very familiar with baby diapers, but in fact many mothers do not know how to choose baby diapers, and even have many misunderstandings about baby diapers.

Today, let’s talk about how to choose baby diapers, generally from the material and structure of baby diapers, mainly in the following aspects:
Breathable baby diapers

1. Surface layer/Topsheet

The surface layer is the layer inside the diaper, which is the part that is in direct contact with the baby's skin. The quality of the surface layer also directly affects the quality of the baby's skin. At present, the most commonly used material for the surface layer of baby diapers is non-woven fabrics, and non-woven fabrics are divided into spunbond non-woven fabrics and hot air non-woven fabrics. If you want your baby to wear more comfortable, it is recommended to choose a hot air non-woven fabric, which will be softer.

Baby diapers

In addition to the choice of fabric, the surface layer should also look at the structure. It is best to choose a diaper with a pearl concave and convex surface. This concave and convex surface will facilitate the air circulation inside the diaper, keep the baby's little butt dry, and avoid red buttocks . Some baby diapers have a pinhole structure, so try not to choose them. This type of diaper is more likely to leak urine. The baby urinates a lot, and if the baby is not replaced in time, it will be uncomfortable or the bed will be soiled.

There is another detail to pay attention to about the surface layer. In order to save costs, some baby diapers have a relatively small surface layer and are not connected to the leak-proof edge. Such baby diapers are very easy to leak urine when the baby sleeps on his side. Therefore, when Bao mother chooses baby diapers, she must check whether the surface layer is large enough and whether it is connected to the leak-proof edge.
How to choose baby diapers

2. Absorbent Core

The core is the core part in the middle of the diaper. The speed of urine absorption and storage depends entirely on the core.

The core of baby diapers is divided into two types: half-core and full-core. Half-core baby diapers are more common in traditional diaper brands, and are characterized by thickness! The whole core, which is more common in emerging diaper brands, is relatively thin, and will not be lumpy or fractured.

Speaking of which, let Bao Ma avoid a misunderstanding, that is, the thickness of baby diapers does not mean good or bad, nor does it mean breathability. That is to say, thick baby diapers are not necessarily impermeable, and thin baby diapers are not necessarily breathable. It's just a little thinner, and the baby will feel more comfortable wearing it. Therefore, when choosing baby diapers, it is better to choose thinner baby diapers on the premise of the same breathability.

Another thing to note about the core is the absorption capacity, that is, how much urine can be stored. Of course, the more this is, the better. This detection method is to get up every morning and see how much urine the baby's diaper has stored. Careful mothers can test the colored liquid on the diaper by themselves.

3. Backsheets

The backsheet is the outermost layer of the diaper. Although it is not in direct contact with the baby's skin, it is also related to the breathability and comfort of the diaper. A good base film should be very soft and breathable. The easiest way to verify the breathability of the base film is to tear off the base film of the used diaper. The whole piece can be easily torn off, indicating that the breathability is not bad.
Thin baby diapers
The above are the main considerations when choosing baby diapers. In addition, there are some details to pay attention to. For example, look at the waist design of the diaper. It is best to have anti-leakage, which can prevent the baby's poo from leaking out from the back. It is a very practical design; there are also waist stickers, although they are very It is a small place, but it is also related to the comfort of use. The surface of the waist sticker is very flat, and it will be more comfortable after sticking. If the surface of the sticker is convex, it will easily scratch the baby's skin after sticking; Finally, look at the design of the diaper’s thigh edge to prevent side leakage. If it is too narrow, it will hurt the baby. It is best to choose a diaper with a wide contact surface, which is not only comfortable to wear, but also not easy to leak urine.

Knowing the above knowledge, mothers should be able to know what to do when choosing baby diapers for their babies.

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