spunlace nonwoven

spunlace nonwoven

The antibacterial fiber is not finished, but an antibacterial agent is added before spinning, so that the spun fiber has permanent antibacterial properties. At present, many types of antibacterial fibers have been developed, and various antibacterial agents are used. After trial-manufacturing of antibacterial fiber products with various ratios, testing and analysis of product performance, and analysis of customer opinions, after comparing the conventional performance of each product, we feel that it is necessary to develop antibacterial spunlace nonwoven that satisfies customers and has a good market prospect. The performance of spunlace nonwoven itself cannot change much, such as hygroscopicity, softness, breathability, no chemical adhesives, no pollution, hand comfort and so on. Therefore, on the basis of not changing the conventional properties of spunlace nonwoven, how to choose suitable antibacterial fibers according to various suitable ratios to develop various antibacterial spunlace nonwovens and make them have efficient antibacterial performance has become our main topic.

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