Energy Saving Idea Embossed Spunlace Non Woven Fabric For Wet Wipes

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With the deep integration of economic globalization, energy conservation and emission reduction has also attracted people's attention, and has become an important issue related to social development and human survival. my country is a big manufacturing country in the world, and it is also a big energy consumption country, and the energy consumption of the textile industry accounts for a large proportion of the energy consumption of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, many research institutes and scholars have done a lot of exploration and research on energy saving and emission reduction in modern textile technology and technological process. Energy saving in this field is becoming a hot topic in the field of energy and environmental protection. This article considers energy saving from the spunlace process of Embossed spunlace non woven fabric for wet wipes.

Embossed spunlace non woven fabric for wet wipes

1. Spunlace

The spunlace method is also called the jet spunnet method or the hydroentanglement method. Its working principle is that the high-pressure pump pressurizes the water to form a very fine high-pressure water flow, and the fibers formed into the net are injected through the spunlace head to puncture the fiber net, thereby The fibers in the carded web are entangled and entangled with each other, reaching a certain tension and strength, and realizing rapid web formation.

Hydrophilic spunlace non woven fabric

2. Spunlace process system

The spunlace process system is the core part of the spunlace production line and the main process link that affects Embossed spunlace non woven fabric for wet wipes. Generally, the spunlace machine of Embossed spunlace non woven fabric for wet wipes production line is equipped with about 5-7 spunlace heads. Driven by the high-pressure system, a certain number of spunlace plates are opened by the controller, and the high-pressure water of the spunlace heads shoots in different directions. The punctured fiber net, driven by the fine water needle, punctures the fibers of several layers of parallel fiber nets, so that the fibers are entwined and consolidated, and at the same time, the vacuum suction fan sucks the water in the product. The energy consumption of the spunlace system is mainly concentrated on the high-pressure pump forming the high-pressure spunlace and the suction of the fish pressure. The greater the pressure in the production process, the greater the energy consumption required. But for the spunlace process of Embossed spunlace non woven fabric for wet wipes, the higher the pressure, the better the product quality. Excessive pressure not only wastes energy, but also affects product quality. Therefore, finding the right pressure process point of spunlace is the key to energy saving, which not only ensures product quality but also has the effect of energy saving. In addition, choosing the type of jet plate, the width of the effective jet, the position of the jet head, and the distance between jets is also an effective way to save energy in the hydroentanglement process.

Spunlace non woven fabric

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