Coated PE film backsheet

Coated PE film backsheet

Speaking of Coated PE film backsheet , everyone must be relatively unfamiliar, but the role of f ilm, cannot be ignored. Especially in greenhouses where fungi are grown, because the requirements of fungi greenhouses are relatively high, not only the thermal insulation effect is required, but also the requirements of shading to prevent ultraviolet rays. fabric formed from cloth. Its processing process is simple and the operation is quite convenient. It is only necessary to orient or randomly arrange the raw materials of the textile to form a web structure, and then use mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods to reinforce it. In the production process, it only involves the viscosity of physical methods, and there is no chemical process. This new processing technology can reduce pollution, and has the characteristics of short processing technology, high productivity, high output, low cost, wide application, and many sources of raw materials. The characteristics of the coated non-woven fabric can just meet the requirements in this regard.

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