The Difference Between PP Non Woven And Non Woven Polyester

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1. The difference in raw materials: PP non woven fabric refers to polypropylene non woven; non woven polyester refers to polyester non woven.

2. These two kinds of non woven are quite different in application, but they can replace each other in some aspects. It's just a difference in performance.

PP non woven fabric

3. In terms of production and processing methods, these two have the same and different. Different processing methods determine their application in most cases. However, in our daily use, PP non woven fabric are widely used and have many uses.
4. PP non woven fabric raw materials are cheap, non woven polyester raw materials are expensive, PP waste can be recycled, and polyester cannot be recycled, so the cost of PP spinning is slightly lower.

5. The high temperature resistance of PP non woven fabric is about 200 degrees and that of non woven polyester is about 290 degrees. Polyester is more resistant to high temperature than PP.

Non woven polyester

6. Under the condition of tension, tension and bearing capacity and the same gram weight, non woven polyester is larger than PP non woven fabric in terms of tension, tension and bearing capacity. 65 grams of polyester is equivalent to 80 grams of PP non woven fabric, but in our daily use, PP non woven fabric can meet most of the needs.

7. From the perspective of environmental protection, PP non woven fabric can be mixed with PP waste returned to the furnace, while non woven polyester is all brand new polyester chips. PP is more environmentally friendly, more hygienic and has stronger regeneration performance.

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