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How To Choose Diapers In Different Periods?

Author:Baby & Adult Diaper Materials FROM:Diaper Materials Manufacturer TIME:2022-04-25

1.Newborn (0 to 5 months)

a. Soft, breathable and non-irritating

The newborn's skin is sensitive, and the safe and soft material can avoid friction. When the baby poops and urinates, the mother and father must change the diapers in time, so as to effectively avoid red buttocks and diaper rash.

According to the baby's skin and seasonal characteristics, you can also choose light, comfortable and breathable diapers for your baby.

b. There is a protective layer & there is a wet reminder

High-quality diapers generally add natural skin care ingredients to the non-woven layer to form a soft protective layer containing emollient ingredients, which not only feels smooth, soft and comfortable, but also effectively isolates the absorbed urine to avoid irritating the baby's skin. , the protective layer can also play a moisturizing role.

Newborn babies have irregular excretion, so new moms and dads can choose a new type of diaper with a wetness display, and you can know whether the baby is urinating by changing the color of the wetness.


2.Climbing period (6 to 12 months)

a. Elastic design, fit the body

When the baby is learning to crawl, it is more important to pay more attention to all-round comfort. The diapers with elastic design can well cooperate with the baby's learning to crawl, allowing the baby to move freely. In addition, you can choose pants-type diapers with a more three-dimensional fit, allowing your baby to easily explore the world.

Fitted diapers can avoid external leakage and side leakage when the baby is moving; better diapers, in addition to the elastic waistline, the waist stick part also has an elastic design, making it more comfortable to wear and adjust.

b. Fast absorption, comfortable and leak-proof

A growing baby also means that the baby eats more and excretes more. At this time, choosing a diaper that can absorb quickly and is comfortable and leak-proof can save you worry, so that the baby will not cry and be annoying all the time.

baby diaper

3.Toddler Period (after 13 months)

Elastic and comfortable, easy to put on and take off

Babies who enter the toddler period should focus on choosing diapers that are elastic and comfortable, and can be put on and taken off freely. Most of the babies at this time are very active and curious about things. They should not choose bloated diapers to restrict their activities. The elastic design of the diaper is easy to put on and take off, and it is also convenient for everyone to quickly change the diaper for the baby on the move.

Babies over 1 year old, as long as they are properly toilet trained, should have some understanding of toilet habits, and have the ability to express their urination/defecation through actions or unique self-language (such as peeing, wetness, etc.). There is no need to focus too much on fast-absorbing diapers at this time. And you can choose to start self-urinating control training without diapers during the day in spring and autumn, when children's clothes are easy to put on, take off and wash.




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