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The Perforated Polyethylene film applied on the surface of women's sanitary napkins and sanitary pads can be roughly divided into funnel-type Perforated Polyethylene film and flat-type Perforated Polyethylene film.

 Perforated Polyethylene film


Funnel-type Perforated Polyethylene film is a specially treated PE (polyethylene) film that undergoes instantaneous high temperature and high negative pressure vacuum adsorption to form a special film with the same hole shape as the Perforated Polyethylene film tool (cage).

The most important feature of the funnel-shaped Perforated Polyethylene film is that the surface is large holes, and the reverse side is small holes. It has a certain funnel depth, forming a role similar to a "one-way valve", speeding up liquid penetration and inhibiting liquid reflection. penetration. Reduce the diffusion area of liquid on the surface of sanitary napkins and sanitary pads and reduce the liquid residue on the surface of sanitary napkins, keep the surface of sanitary napkins and sanitary pads dry. This is the biggest feature of Perforated Polyethylene film and the biggest difference and advantage compared with non-woven fabrics or other surface materials. The common name of "dry net surface" comes from this.

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2.Three-piece perforated polyethylene film

Compared with non-woven fabrics, Perforated Polyethylene film has poor skin affinity. In order to solve this problem, many sanitary napkin manufacturers and material suppliers have developed a three-piece perforated polyethylene film (also known as a double-effect mesh). This material uses Perforated Polyethylene film in the middle and non-woven fabric on both sides, combining the advantages of Perforated Polyethylene film and non-woven fabric. And it also relatively reduces the cost of surface materials of sanitary napkins and sanitary pads.How to judge and select high-quality Perforated Polyethylene film in the production process of sanitary napkins and how to use them correctly in the production process are very critical issues. At present, when the usage of Perforated Polyethylene film is gradually surpassing that of non-woven fabrics, high-quality Perforated Polyethylene film is the most basic premise to ensure the quality of sanitary napkins.

When choosing a Perforated Polyethylene film, it must be considered comprehensively by understanding its characteristics and performance changes in use, not just emphasizing a certain feature or superiority. Only in this way can not only get good application effect but also improve productivity and reduce production cost.

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