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Spandex Yarn For Adult Diaper Raw Materials

Delivery time: 15-20 days after receiving deposit or LC.
Payment terms: TT/LC/DP
Application: Baby diaper, Adult diaper
Minimum order quanity: 1000.00 kgs
Packing details: Carton packing

Spandex yarn features:

Spandex Yarn is specially designed soft synthetic polymer which is stronger, lighter and more versatile and used to improve the fit of the diaper.

Product Detail & Custom Options:

Material:100% spandex

Specification: 490D/560D/620D/720D/840D/920D/1020D and as required

Color: white/blue/orange

Inner core diameter:76mm

Yarn Count:High Elastic

Weight: 3kgs/roll.

Application: baby diaper, sanitary napkin and adult diaper

Loading quantity:15 tons/40HQ










FZ/T 50005-2013

Breaking Strength


0.85 ↑


FZ/T 50006-2013

Breaking Elongation




FZ/T 50006-2013

Oil Content




GB/T 6504-2008





Q/HFA 102-2016

Modulus of elasticity (SS200%)




FZ/T 50007-2012

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Application Industry
Our safe and stable products are widely applied in the field of disposable hygiene products and are used to make products that are not limited to the following:
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Why Choose Juhua Materials Manufacturer In China
Juhua Is Professional Manufacturer Of Spandex Yarn For Adult Diaper Raw Materials,
We have strong power to support our production, from factory environment
construction to equipment configuration, all leading to high quality products.
A strong partnership between a diaper manufacturer and raw material supplier can result in mutual success, with both parties benefiting from shared business goals and values.
Research & Development
Research & Development
We are often at the forefront of research and development, providing new materials that can improve diaper performance or reduce environmental impact.
Raw materials for hygiene products
Raw materials for hygiene products
JUHUA offers a wide range of products and services in the field of disposable hygiene product raw materials, which are all optimally tailored to your requirements to meet the practical needs.
Technological expertise
Technological expertise
Wecan provide technical support and expertise to help diaper manufacturers optimize production processes and improve product quality.
Spandex Yarn For Adult Diaper Raw Materials
Related Quality Control
Technological expertise
Raw materials
for hygiene products
Technological expertise
Win-Win benefit
Technological expertise
Mix loading
Technological expertise
High quality&
Good Service
Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturing
Fiber/Raw Material Preparation
Juhua's choice of raw materials is based on processability and the ultimate performance requirements of the fibre web. Fiber is the basis for all nonwoven materials. Most natural and chemical fibers can be used in nonwoven materials. In addition, we also use high-quality adhesives and finishing chemicals, which can bond the fibers in the web to each other to obtain a web with a certain strength and integrity.
The process of forming fibres into a loose fibrous web is called laying. The reduced web strength at this time is very low, and the fibers in the web may be staple fibers or continuous filaments, depending mainly on the process of forming the web. Juhua's laying process mainly consists of dry laying, wet laying, and spin laying.
After the fiber web is formed, the reinforcement of the loose fibers held by the fiber web by the related process is called bonding, which gives the fiber web certain physical and mechanical properties and appearance. Juhua's bonding process includes mechanical, thermal, chemical, stitch bonding, etc.
Finishing is carried out after the bonding. Finishing is designed to improve the structure and feel of the product, and sometimes to change the properties of the product, such as breathability, absorbency and protection. Finishing methods at Juhua can be divided into two categories: mechanical methods and chemical methods. Mechanical post-treatment includes creping, calendering, shrinking, perforating, and the like. Chemical finishing includes dyeing, printing and functional finishing.
Backsheets Manufacturing
The granulation process is to grind the purchased calcium carbonate and polystyrene, and after drying and adding an adhesive, the particles having good fluidity and a particle diameter of about 0.1 mm are prepared. This process can make the final product more filling, firm and more detailed.
Film Formation
There are three steps in this process: the first step is to liquefy the raw material through a temperature of 250 degrees and shape it through cooling rolls; the second step is to preheat and then stretch and control the amount of gas permeability; the third step is to roughen the surface of the film by corona treatment, which is advantageous for ink adhesion.
Juhua's products are all produced with food-grade environmentally-friendly water-based inks and advanced and efficient flexo presses. The products produced will not have any odor at all, completely eliminating the market complaints of consumers' most sensitive diaper odor residues. The color registration is accurate. We can produce up to 6 color positioning and cutting gas permeable membranes.
Juhua uses a high-speed stable, precise edge-cutting slitter. During the slitting, the staff confirms the quality status of each product according to the process card, rejects the abnormality, and inputs the processing result into the slitting process card to ensure that the products transferred into the package are qualified.
Spandex Yarn For Adult Diaper Raw Materials
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Quality certification
Our factory obtain certification for their materials to demonstrate compliance with specific standards or requirements.
Quality certification
Quality labeling
We label material on products.
Quality labeling
Quality testing
We conduct tests on materials to ensure they meet specific standards or requirements.
Quality testing
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1.What information do u need for diaper non woven fabric?
Q.What information do u need for diaper non woven fabric? A:You need to provide us non woven type, basic weight, width, function and quantity.
2.What is the leadtime of hygiene products raw materials?
7-15 after receiving the deposit.
3.Can I make our design on the release paper?
Q:Can I make our design on the release paper? A:Yes. You can send your design.
4.What's the width of release paper?
Q:What's the width of release paper? A:As your demand.
5.What is the upstreaming material for the spunbond non woven fabric ?
Q:What is the upstreaming material for the spunbond non woven fabric ? A: Polypropylene
6.What is the basic weight of clothlike film?
Q:What is the basic weight of clothlike film? A:As your demand
We offer you disposable hygiene product
raw materials with premium quality.
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