What Is Perforated Film Mainly Used For?

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1. Characteristics of perforated film

The perforated film is mainly due to its own function. It is breathable and water permeable like gauze, but it does not stick to the packaging like gauze. Most of the perforated films are used for this purpose.

perforated film

2. Use of perforated film

The perforated film is mainly used in the packaging of the hygienic food industry, such as diapers, sanitary napkins and other sanitary products industries, as well as the inner packaging and molding process of finished products in the food and cosmetic industries. It involves many industries and has a wide range of uses.

Perforated PE film

3. The principle of perforated film

The perforated film relates to a combination of high-temperature hot air and a perforated pore forming die roll to force the surface of a polymer plastic film to form a perforated film with natural shrinkage convex edges and a forming method, and the plastic film surface has a plurality of through holes, so the The edges of the multiple through holes on the surface of the plastic film are the natural shrinkage convex edges of the hot air. The advantages of the perforated film: First, the hot air perforated film formed by the high temperature air flow fundamentally solves the burning phenomenon of the flame perforated pores. The occurrence of the scorching pore, and the destruction of the flexibility of the plastic film by the scorching pore edge, as well as the secondary damage to the skin, especially the skin wound surface, ensure the flexibility of the pore edge of the perforated membrane; It not only ensures the flexibility and smoothness of the plastic raised edge.

Perforated film topsheet

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