What Is The PE Film In Diapers?

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1. Overview of PE film,PE film backsheet

Pe film is also called Polyethylene: divided into low molecular weight and high molecular weight. Generally solid, milky white, thermoplastic, waxy to the touch, and the density is between 0.92 and 0.96 g/cm3. PE film is corrosion-resistant and has good insulation performance.

PE film

2. Classification of PE film

Among the materials of diapers, PE film is divided into two types, one is breathable film: it is the bottom film of diapers, this film is breathable and impermeable, and is a material for high-end diapers.

Another kind of PE film is cast film, which is also used as the bottom film of diapers. This film is not breathable and water-permeable. It is a material used in low-end diapers, and the cost is also low.

diaper PE film

3. Application of PE film

PE film generally refers to a PE functional material with environmental protection, water resistance and breathability. It is mainly used for the bottom film of women's sanitary napkins, the bottom film of pads, the bottom film of baby diapers, etc. Pe film is compounded with non-woven fabrics and is also widely used in medical protective clothing. , Isolation clothing, medical mattresses, disposable beds, home textiles, etc. Whether the breathable bottom film is breathable, in addition to its own material function, the process is also very important.

diaper film

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