What Is Spunlace Non woven Fabric?

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When it comes to spunlace non woven fabrics, here is what a beauty-loving girl often uses, that is, face wipes and wet wipes. Many people have not thought that the face wipes and wet wipes we often use are spunlace non woven.

Let's take a look at what is a spunlace non woven fabric and what are its advantages?

Spunlace non woven

Spunlace non woven is to spray high-pressure fine water flow onto one or more layers of fiber webs, so that the fibers are entangled with each other, so that the fiber web is reinforced and has a certain strength.

1. Flexible entanglement, does not affect the original characteristics of the fiber, and does not damage the fiber;

2. The appearance is closer to traditional textiles than other non woven materials;

3. High strength and low fluff;

4. High hygroscopicity and rapid moisture absorption;

5. Good air permeability;

6. Soft feel and good drapability;

7. The appearance pattern is changeable;

8. No need for adhesive reinforcement, washable;

9. The production process is long and covers a large area;

10. Complex equipment and high water quality requirements;

11. High energy consumption.

Spunlace non woven fabric

1.Introduction of spunlace non woven

Spunlace non woven fabric is to spray high-pressure fine water flow onto one or more layers of fiber webs, so that the fibers are entangled with each other, so that the fiber web is reinforced and has a certain strength, and the obtained fabric is spunlace non woven fabric.

2.Processing principle

The web is sprayed with multiple fine water jets generated by high pressure. After the water jet passes through the fiber web, it is rebounded by the dragged net curtain and penetrates the fiber web again. As a result, the fibers in the fiber web are displaced, interspersed, entangled and cohesive under the hydraulic action of the high-speed water jets in different directions. The fiber web is thereby reinforced.

3.Spunlace prospect

Due to the advantages of spunlace non woven, it has become a field with the fastest technological progress in the non woven industry in recent years. The development direction of non woven fabrics is to replace textiles and knitted fabrics. Spunlace fabrics have become the most potential field to compete with the textile market due to its most similar characteristics to textiles, excellent physical properties, and the advantages of high quality and low price.


4.Spunlace material

Polyester+viscose; material ratio; 100% polyester; 10% polyester+90% viscose; 20% polyester+80% viscose; 30% polyester+70% viscose; 40% polyester+60 50% polyester+50% viscose; 60% polyester+40% viscose; 70% polyester+30% viscose; 80% polyester+20% viscose; 100% viscose.

PS: The spunlace non woven needs to provide the manufacturer with the ratio of specific materials (polyester, viscose), so as to obtain a quotation~

5.Spunlace texture

Plain weave, reticulated pattern, pearl pattern, F pattern, cross pattern, etc.


6.Application of spunlace non woven fabric

Medical and sanitary non woven fabrics: surgical gowns, protective clothing, disinfection wraps, masks, diapers, civilian wipes, wipes, wet face towels, magic towels, soft towel rolls, beauty products, sanitary napkins, sanitary pads and Disposable sanitary cloth, etc.

non woven fabrics for home decoration: wall coverings, tablecloths, bed sheets, bedspreads, etc.

non woven fabrics for clothing: lining, adhesive lining, flakes, shaped cotton, various synthetic leather base fabrics, etc.

non woven fabrics for industrial use; filter materials, insulating materials, cement packaging bags, non woven geotextiles, covering fabrics, etc.

Agricultural non woven fabrics: crop protection fabrics, seedling raising fabrics, irrigation fabrics, thermal insulation curtains, etc.

Other non woven fabrics: space cotton, thermal insulation and sound insulation materials, linoleum felt, cigarette filters, tea bags, etc.

Wet wipes non woven fabric

The above is the introduction of spunlace non woven fabric~

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