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1. Baby diaper cotton

The exposure of 3.15 diaper raw materials has been shoddy and distressing, and the bottomless behavior of merchants has also created the problem of consumer choice. But in fact, in addition to the shady scenes exposed by 315, there are still many "illusions" in the diaper industry. For example, words such as "cotton soft" and "cotton feeling" are advertised on the packaging, making consumers mistakenly think that the material is "cotton". agent to achieve the cotton-like touch of diapers. Of course, there is no shortage of products on the market that truly start from consumer safety and user experience, and win consumer trust with authentic materials. For example, the baby diaper cotton that will be introduced in this article, that is, the baby cotton diapers of the cotton era.

baby diaper cotton

2. Cotton diapers

The reason why baby diaper cotton is called cotton diapers is because the surface material is cotton, which is different from the chemical fiber surface layer of general diapers. The part of the baby cotton diapers in contact with the baby's skin is made of 100% cotton, and chemical additives are abandoned to make the baby's fart more comfortable. The fart returned to the embrace of cotton. Nowadays, under the increasingly stringent regulation, many brands have taken pains to advertise cotton, but the cotton era can openly promote its "all cotton" baby diaper cotton. The reason is not unrelated to the brand's adherence to high standards of operation. Quanmian Times was born in Wenjian Medical Group, and its products are produced in Jianjian medical product production line, which are exactly the same as medical products in terms of appearance, standards, and quality requirements. For example, in the all-cotton era, Nasi baby cotton diapers mainly focus on "cotton", so how do you control the raw material cotton? Ji Hua, general manager of the Jingmen branch of the Cotton Times, said: "The cotton used in the Cotton Times is the best cotton from the United States, Australia, or Xinjiang. Every batch of purchased raw materials must be inspected in the cotton inspection Sampling inspection in the laboratory, such as fiber length, impurity content, water content, etc., sampling products must be tested for more than 20 indicators." To enter the production workshop of cotton baby cotton diapers in the era of cotton, at least "five checks" - change Work clothes and shoes, wear masks and hats, wash and dry hands, disinfect hands with alcohol, enter the air shower to remove dust... walk through the buffer zone 1, zone 2, cleaning zone, etc. separated by the isolation stool, and finally store the mobile phone in the In the special mobile phone locker at the door. Strict raw materials and the control of each production link are the key to good products and safe reputation.

baby diaper material

3. Cotton surface

At present, the market is basically "diapers" with a surface layer of chemical fiber. In the all-cotton era, we have overcome many technical difficulties and finally achieved baby diapers with a surface layer of 100% cotton. Because it is in zero-distance contact with the baby's skin, in addition to using the innovative cotton surface layer to ensure the soft touch of the diaper, it also uses the patented cotton spunlace non-woven fabric to maximize the comfort and breathability of the cotton itself. The special features keep your baby away from frictional injuries, red buttocks, urine leakage, stuffy heat and other problems. In addition, 6,000 fine mesh holes on the surface, combined with the design of the full-length diversion layer, accelerate the diversion and diffusion of urine, allowing the urine to be absorbed quickly, keeping the little butt cool and comfortable. Although the incident of unqualified diapers on 3.15 was an individual event, it is undeniable that to rebuild consumer confidence and reshape the image of the diaper industry, all production companies still need to be strict with themselves and operate with integrity. In this regard, Li Jianquan, the founder of Quan Cotton Times, has also said many times: "The larger the enterprise, the greater the social responsibility it undertakes, the more strict management and honest management it needs."

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