New Raw Material For Non Woven For Sanitary Napkin

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1. New raw material of Non woven for sanitary napkin

In the daily use of disposable sanitary products, the surface nonwoven material is in close contact with the skin and only plays the role of diversion, and the liquid absorption is almost zero. Therefore, improving the skin friendliness of the surface nonwoven material can maximize the Minimizing the impact of disposable hygiene products on the quality of life of users is the biggest challenge in the design and development of surface nonwoven materials for disposable hygiene products. Currently, commonly used surface nonwoven materials have been difficult to meet the diverse needs of consumers. This article introduces new raw materials for Non woven for sanitary napkin, a disposable hygiene product.

Non woven for sanitary napkin

2. Silk fiber

Silk fiber is a high-grade textile fiber raw material. The fiber is smooth, thin and soft, and has good skin adaptability. The frictional irritation coefficient with human skin is only 7.4%, and it has good safety and environmental protection. Therefore, silk fiber has good application potential in the nonwoven surface layer of disposable hygiene products, and can be used to develop high-end diapers, sanitary napkins and panty liners with health care functions. Wang Ya combined hot air bonding and hydroentangling technology to prepare a silk/ES blended nonwoven material that meets the requirements of hygienic coil tensile properties, air permeability, water permeability time and reverse osmosis. The upper layer is silk staple fiber layer, The lower layer is a two-component ES fiber layer treated by hot air, and the two layers are entangled together by spunlace reinforcement technology; Chen Jingjing changed the mesh design of the mesh curtain in the spunlace reinforcement process based on the research of silk/ES nonwoven materials A silk/ES non-woven material with a semi-open pore structure has been developed, which optimizes the tensile properties, air permeability and water permeability of the material, and increases the variety of Non woven for sanitary napkin.

non woven products

3. New fiber raw materials

Screening new fiber raw materials for use in nonwoven materials, and optimizing material structure and process technology is one of the direct methods to improve the performance of disposable hygiene products. Qi Jingjing prepared a disposable Non woven for sanitary napkin with the characteristics of both air-through nonwovens and SSS spunbond nonwovens by changing the curling degree of conventional ES fibers. Comparative experiments proved that when the number of fiber curls is 8.5/25 mm , using this fiber raw material combined with the hot air nonwoven technology under the optimal process parameters can produce a surface layer nonwoven material with better skin comfort.

sanitary napkin non woven fabric

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