Sanitary Pads Ingredients Tips

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1. Introduction of Sanitary pads ingredients

Since the reform and opening up of China, with the improvement of social production level, the sanitary pads used by women during menstruation have been increasing. Sanitary pads are one of them. In this paper, we introduce sanitary pads ingredients by analyzing the structure of sanitary pads.

sanitary pads ingredients

2. Sanitary pads ingredients structure has three layers

The first layer is the top layer of sanitary pads, which is the part directly in contact with the skin. The main components of this layer are non-woven fabric (especially hot air non-woven fabric), PE perforated film or cotton top layer. This layer mainly plays the role of penetration and isolation.

The second layer is the absorbent layer of the sanitary pad. The main component of the absorbent layer is lint pulp or dust-free paper, and most of the products also contain polymeric absorbent resin (SAP) to absorb and lock the outflow of secretions.

The third layer is the bottom layer of the sanitary pad, and the main component of this layer is polyethylene (PE) film. This layer is mainly to prevent the leakage of secretions, and the back of the bottom layer is coated with hot melt adhesive, which plays a fixed role.

 sanitary pads material

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards in urban and rural areas, the majority of women's awareness of sanitary products is also deepening, the demand for sanitary products will continue to increase, it can be said that the prospects of this emerging industry is very broad. As sanitary napkins and sanitary pads are designed for women's physiological period, they are simple to use and easy to carry, so they will be a necessity for every woman. Understanding sanitary pads ingredients, help women better buy and use pads.

 sanitary pads composition

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