Understanding Raw Materials For Baby Diapers

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1.Raw materials for baby diapers  

According to research, there are two types of raw materials for baby diapers available on the market.

One is made of plastic, which is very soft and silky to the touch, but its breathability is poor, making it easy for babies to develop nappy rash over time.

The other one is made of pure cotton natural material as the surface layer, which is breathable and feels very good, just as soft and comfortable as cotton, and has an absorbent inner layer in the middle, which can make the urine on the surface layer seep in quickly through the cotton layer, making the surface layer dry and clean, thus reducing the contact time between urine and baby's skin and making it less likely for baby to get nappy rash.

 raw materials for baby diapers

2.Raw materials for baby diapers

A. Raw materials for baby diapers should be made of pure cotton. These diapers are breathable and soft to the touch. Tactile sensation is already present in the foetus at 3 months of age. When the baby is born, the skin is the sensitive organ for feeling the outside world. A comfortable sense of touch gives the baby a sense of security and has a direct impact on later behavioural development.

B. raw materials for baby diapers should have an absorbent inner layer in the middle and be highly hygroscopic. Such a nappy can quickly draw urine into the lining and lock it in place, which prevents back seepage and keeps the surface dry and the baby's buttocks feeling comfortable.

C. Pick a diaper with a breathable waistband and leg cut height design. This design reduces the area covered by the nappy on your baby's bottom, allowing more skin to come into contact with fresh air and dispersing moisture at all times, helping to prevent nappy rash.

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D.Choose a diaper with a leak-proof design. This will prevent baby's excrement from leaking out and staining clothes.

E. Choose a diaper that is the right size. There will be no gap between the baby's tummy and the nappy, not to mention leaving deep marks on the baby's thighs. Every baby's body shape is different and the size provided in the bag, although of some reference value, is not entirely accurate.t is best for Mum F to try them out before buying. Then decide which brand and size of nappy to use, and change sizes as your baby grows.

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