Features Of SMMS Material

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1. What is SMMS material

SMMS material is made of spunbond non woven fabric + meltblown non woven fabric + meltblown non woven fabric + spunbonded non woven fabric, and four layers of fiber web are hot rolled. It has all the characteristics of ordinary SMMS material; anti-alcohol up to grade 10 (ie 100% anti-alcohol); anti-static capacity of 108-1012; anti-oil; anti-plasma; mainly used in surgical gowns, surgical towel, surgical bag Cloths, medical sheets, hand wash clothes, isolation gowns, lab coats, advanced protective clothing and other protective products can be made in different colors according to different customers' preferences.

 jumbo roll smms non woven

2.SMMS material used for medical 

SMMS material is used for medical use, using 100% polypropylene slices as raw materials, non toxic, no fiber shedding, high effective bacteria resistance rate; good uniformity and fullness of the cloth surface, which can effectively improve product quality. SMMS material can replace pure cotton fabric, soft, delicate and skin friendly. The spunbond layer consists of continuous filaments with good breaking strength and elongation. The meltblown layer is composed of continuous ultra fine fibers, which has a good barrier effect on moisture, bacteria, dust, etc. 

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It has high water pressure resistance, good air permeability, and good acid and alkali resistance. Applicable to various sterilization methods such as high and low temperature; one time use, no need for recycling and cleaning; in line with environmental protection requirements, easy to degrade or incinerate; effectively prevent hospital cross-infection, reduce hidden costs of treatment, and improve infection control rate; no multiple use Damaged consumption; no washing cost; stored under qualified conditions, the aseptic validity period is 180 days.

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