waterproof fabric for diapers

waterproof fabric for diapers

Water-repellent finishing is to change the hydrophilicity of the fiber surface to hydrophobic through the action of water-repellent finishing agent, so as to achieve the purpose of being breathable and not easily wetted by water. The water-repellent performance of waterproof fabric for diapers can be obtained by methods such as coating, functional finishing and compounding. According to the requirements of the product's water repellency, through the water repellent finishing agent and appropriate finishing technology, the finishing agent is coated on the surface of the material or bonded with the fiber macromolecules to endow the material with water repellency. In the process of producing waterproof fabric for diapers, the fibers can also be treated with water repellency by using technologies such as plasma or corona discharge, and then water-repellent fibers can be used to produce water-repellent nonwoven products.

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