What is PP Frontal Tape?

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1. The development of PP frontal tape

After the vigorous development of China's diaper industry in recent years, the closure system of diaper products has also undergone great changes. The closing system includes OPEN TYPE DIAPER and PANTS DIAPER. 

The closing system of pants is usually elastic waist composed of spandex and non woven fabrics. The closing system of open diapers is composed of PP frontal tape and left and right stickers. 

frontal tape

This article Mainly discuss the PP frontal tape used in diapers. The change of the frontal waist stickers also witnessed the rapid development of domestic diapers. 

Before 2008, the large market share of domestic brands was still dominated by OPP frontal tape coated with release silicone oil on the surface. , After 2008, woven mesh Velcro and suede Velcro that can be pasted repeatedly became mainstream products. 

baby diaper raw material

After 2012, softer non woven Velcro became the mainstream of the market.

PP frontal tape

2. Characteristics of PP frontal tape

PP frontal tape has the characteristics of high strength, easy to paste, no lint, high peeling strength, etc. In the past, spunlace non woven fabrics were compounded with membranes, or spunbond non woven fabrics and membranes were compounded and then embossed, due to the high cost. High, gradually replaced by spunmelt nonwovens. High strength, comfortable hand feel, and beautiful appearance are the development directions of  PP frontal tape.

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