ultra soft non woven fabric

ultra soft non woven fabric

Hygienic non-woven fabrics can be subdivided into baby diapers, women's sanitary napkins and diapers for adult urinary incontinence patients. Due to population growth, changes in population distribution, improvement in living standards and changes in consumers' attitudes towards disease and health care, diapers and women's hygiene products will have a large market. At present, the quality of products in the existing hygienic non-woven market is uneven, the touch and flexibility are not enough, the hydrophilicity is not good, easy to seepage, and the comfort is poor; and the deodorization performance is poor during use, resulting in There is often an unpleasant smell during use, and the practicability is poor. Aiming at the deficiencies of existing technologies, Ye Jingdong, Hu Hongdong, Zhang Xiaosan, Liao Tianyi and others proposed a skin-friendly ultra soft with reasonable structure design, fast liquid absorption, good comfort, good deodorization performance and good practicability non woven fabric.

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