How Much Do You Know About Diaper Non Woven Fabric?

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1. The use of diaper non woven fabric 

Many people still think that handmade cotton diapers at home are good, not only breathable but also very economical. In fact, this is not the case. Babies are lively and active, and their butts are easy to get dirty. Babies also like to touch things with small hands, so difficult rabbits will touch their butts, and the habit of eating hands will cause digestive tract diseases. At the same time, the baby's reproductive organs should also be protected. The use of diapers can solve this difficult problem very well, and it also brings great convenience to the baby's mother. It does not need to be changed frequently at night, and the baby can sleep until dawn, and it will be much easier for adults to deal with it. So, before teaching you how to choose diapers correctly, considering that new mothers are not very familiar with diaper non woven fabric, first popularize this knowledge.

 diaper non woven fabric

2. Diaper non woven fabric surface materials

Diapers are mainly made of surface coating layer, polymer water absorbing resin, PE bottom film, rubber and other materials. The surface coating layer of the diaper non woven fabric is composed of hot air non woven fabric and waterproof non woven fabric. Hot air non woven fabric is a kind of non woven fabric that uses the hot air on the drying equipment to comb the fiber web to penetrate, heat and bond. Hot air adhesive products have the characteristics of high bulkiness, high elasticity, soft feel, strong warmth retention, and good air permeability, so generally good diapers use hot air non woven fabrics as surface materials. The production process of hot air non woven fabrics is higher, and the cost of manufacturing machinery is also higher, so the diapers made of hot air non woven fabrics will be more expensive, and of course the baby will be more comfortable to wear.

 hot air non woven fabric

3. Performance requirements of diaper non woven fabric:

(1) Reach certain required strength and have good tensile strength.

(2) The permeability is good, the liquid can quickly enter the absorbent core, and the penetration time is shortened, and the longest is not more than 3S;

(3) Low reosmosis, keep the skin contact surface dry, and ensure user comfort.

(4) Appearance meets hygienic requirements, clean and bright white evenly

(5) Good air permeability, good softness and good comfort.

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