Diaper Making Material,Sanitary Napkin Pad Manufacturing Raw Materials Manufacturers & Suppliers In Egypt

Delivery time: 15-20 days after receiving deposit or LC.
Payment terms: TT/LC/DP
Application: Baby diaper, Adult diaper, Sanitary napkin
Minimum order quanity: 1000.00 kgs
Packing details: Transparent wrapping film with paper board

JUHUA export diaper making materials hot air non woven fabric  to Egypt customer. 40HQ can load 10.5 tons hot air non woven fabric.

Hot air non woven fabric can be used for baby diaper, sanitary napkin and adult diaper.

Hot air non woven fabric is made of compound fibers which causes no stimulation or allergy to human body. 

They have achieved the national standard of hygiene pads production. They tend to have higher tensile strength in the MD and lower strength in the CD.

We offer you disposable hygiene product
raw materials with premium quality.
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