spunlace wipes

spunlace wipes

This article briefly introduces the performance and quality requirements of spunlace wipes for materials. Spunlaced nonwovens have a certain strength and thickness, which can meet the water absorption performance requirements of wet wipes, without delamination, lint-free, smooth and soft surface, and no obvious defects and impurities. Spunlaced nonwovens are non-toxic and non-irritating, and the pH value is basically guaranteed to be weakly acidic. The pH value of human skin is slightly acidic. In order to protect the baby's skin, the pH value of baby wipes is usually around 4.5~5.5. There is no chemical reaction process or addition of chemical components in the production process of spunlace nonwovens. It is only the high-pressure water filtered through multiple channels to physically strengthen the fibers.

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