spunlace nonwoven fabric

spunlace nonwoven fabric

The spunlace nonwoven fabric processing technology is an advanced fixing technology, which endows nonwoven fabrics with special properties, which are unmatched by other methods, so it has a broader market and prospect than other nonwoven fabrics. Spunlace production line basically consists of four major systems, namely web forming system, water treatment system, spunlace reinforcement system and drying system. Among them, the spunlace reinforcement system is the most important link in the spunlace nonwoven production line, and its design and manufacture are directly related to the quality of spunlace nonwoven fabric. In recent years, this aspect has been improved rapidly, especially the structure of the water spray part, the design, processing method and precision of the water spray hole, and the structure of another key component of the spunlace - the fiber mesh support net curtain, research design and Selection of materials etc.

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