Understand The Structure And Characteristics Of Diaper Backsheet Film

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PE breathable film has been widely used in sanitary napkins, baby diapers, pads, diapers and other sanitary care products. Compared with such products made of airtight films, breathable films make people feel more comfortable. This article briefly introduces the structure and characteristics of PE breathable film as a diaper backsheet film.

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1. Structure of Diaper backsheet film

The main component of PE breathable film is polyethylene, which is a polymer material synthesized from polyethylene. In the production process of polyethylene, some add a small amount of 4-carbon or 8-carbon alpha olefin as a comonomer, but due to the small amount of alpha olefin used, many characteristics of polyethylene are still maintained.

Polyethylene is a white waxy translucent material, flexible and flexible. It can be divided into two categories: low density polyethylene (LDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE). LDPE is made from ethylene under high pressure (98~250MPa). , the density is about 0.91~0.92g/m³, HDPE is polymerized by ethylene under 1.0MPa pressure, and the density is high, about 0.94~0.96g/m³. Polyethylene is non-toxic, has excellent dielectric properties, and its glass transition temperature is about -125°C. Polyethylene has excellent chemical stability and is resistant to acid and alkali at room temperature, but is easily oxidized by light and heat, and can also undergo photodegradation under ultraviolet light. Polyethylene also has excellent mechanical properties, its crystalline part endows polyethylene with higher strength, and its amorphous part endows it with good flexibility.

pe breathable film 

2. Features of Diaper backsheet film

Compared with the non-breathable film, the breathable film has the following characteristics:

(1) It can permeate gas but not water, so it can be used as a water barrier material and has moisture resistance.

(2) It can properly improve the air convection in the user's small environment, which is beneficial to skin breathing.

(3) Due to the characteristics of its raw materials, PE film is an environmentally friendly material that does not harm the environment.

PE breathable film is a new material developed rapidly in the world, which is called breathable film. Because of its breathable and impermeable properties, it is widely used in various fields of human beings. Diaper backsheet film is a typical application of PE breathable film.

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