pe non woven fabric

pe non woven fabric

With the maturity of the primary processing technology of non-woven fabrics, more and more enterprises are turning their attention to the deep processing of non-woven fabrics, so as to increase the added value of products and the profits of enterprises as much as possible. This article briefly analyzes several main composite technologies of pe non woven fabric used in medical and health industries. 1. Laminating This kind of technology is a method most used by domestic enterprises, and its characteristics are: the process is simple, mature, and the production speed is relatively fast (about 100m/min). Disadvantages: It is not allowed to make products that require ventilation; the hand feels hard and the comfort is poor; the requirements for non-woven fabrics are high. Non-woven fabrics with low grammage (below 18gsm) and low coating weight (below 15gsm) are not ideal for coating, because the unevenness of the surface of the roll makes the coating process prone to leaks.

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