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Breathable film backsheet, that is, nano-scale microporous breathable film, is a new type of sanitary napkin backsheet developed and produced by using nanotechnology, through special formulation and stretching pore-forming process. Compared with ordinary sanitary napkin plastic film, PE breathable film has the characteristics of air permeability and water resistance, high tensile strength and soft texture.

1. Introduction of breathable film backsheet

A new generation of breathable film backsheet, with PE as the carrier, adding a certain proportion of CaCO3 to form and stretch, so that the breathable film has a unique microporous structure, and thousands of nanometer-scale breathable films are distributed on each square centimeter of the film. Micropores, these high-density micropores with special structure distributed on the film, can not only block the leakage of liquid, but also allow water vapor molecules to pass through smoothly, so it has the function of air permeability and water resistance, and is called "breathing film". ”, leaving the skin drier and more comfortable. At the same time, the breathable film also has the characteristics of soft feel, non-toxic, white and high purity.

 breathable film backsheet

2. Why choose breathable film backsheet

At present, most sanitary napkins on the market widely use an airtight backing film, which feels humid and stuffy like wearing a raincoat, which makes people very uncomfortable. Some users may also experience skin redness, allergies, eczema, etc. Phenomenon. Because the bottom film is not breathable, women's private parts are wrapped in a closed environment for a long time, and menstrual blood will breed hundreds of millions of bacteria, which can easily lead to and aggravate women's gynecological diseases. Therefore, the choice of sanitary napkins with breathable film bottom film is in line with the trend of women's health. and trends.

 PE breathable film

3. Characteristics of breathable film backsheet

Compared with other airtight backsheets, breathable film backsheets have the following characteristics:

(1). Excellent air permeability: It has excellent and uniform air permeability, effectively isolates moisture, and can discharge heat and moisture in 3 seconds;

(2). More skin-friendly softness: it has an excellent hand feeling, making you feel softer and more comfortable when using sanitary napkins;

(3). Best physical and mechanical properties: It has excellent tensile and elongation properties.

 PE lamination film

Breathable film backsheet, as a new type of breathable and impermeable polymer material in the world, is more and more widely used in women's sanitary napkins due to its characteristics. Understanding the PE breathable film will help you better choose sanitary napkins.

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