pe laminated non woven fabric

pe laminated non woven fabric

Diapers are a very popular product. Because they are disposable products, they are mainly composed of disposable materials such as non-woven fabrics and bottom films. The stretching part mainly uses a pe laminated non woven fabric. The manufacturing process is Stretch the base film and compound it with the non-woven fabric while maintaining the tension. After the tension is removed, the base film shrinks automatically, so that the pe laminated non woven fabric can withstand a certain stretching effect. In this traditional pe laminated non-woven fabric, the composite between the base film and the non-woven fabric is completed by hot pressing rollers. Too high a temperature will destroy the strength of the non-woven fabric fibers or make the non-woven fabric hard , The hard material is easy to damage the user's skin. It can be seen that the traditional stretch pe laminated non woven fabric is less comfortable.

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