Improvement Scheme Of Pe Laminated Non Woven Fabric

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1. pe laminated non woven fabric process

Diapers are a very popular product. Because they are disposable products, they are mainly composed of disposable materials such as non-woven fabrics and bottom films. The stretching part mainly uses a pe laminated non woven fabric. The manufacturing process is Stretch the base film and compound it with the non-woven fabric while maintaining the tension. After the tension is removed, the base film shrinks automatically, so that the pe laminated non woven fabric can withstand a certain stretching effect. In this traditional pe laminated non-woven fabric, the composite between the base film and the non-woven fabric is completed by hot pressing rollers. Too high a temperature will destroy the strength of the non-woven fabric fibers or make the non-woven fabric hard , The hard material is easy to damage the user's skin. It can be seen that the traditional stretch pe laminated non woven fabric is less comfortable.

 laminated non woven

2. The beneficial effects of the program are

Based on the above situation, Su Yiqiang, Huang Jinyi, Luo Jiacai, and Gong Siqi proposed a technical solution of soft and stretchable pe laminated non-woven fabric: including a base film and a non-woven fabric, the non-woven fabric is compounded on the base film, and glue The adhesive strips are arranged on the bottom film in parallel, the non-woven fabric is compounded on the bottom film through the adhesive strips, and the non-woven fabric between two adjacent adhesive strips has protrusions along the direction away from the bottom film.

non woven fabric

The base film and the non-woven fabric are compounded by adhesive strips. First, the base film is stretched. In the stretched state, the adhesive strips are sprayed on the base film in parallel, and the adhesive strips are distributed along the stretching direction (that is, the adhesive strips perpendicular to the stretching direction), and then lay the non-woven fabric on the bottom film sprayed with glue strips, the bottom film is composited with the non-woven fabric at the position where the glue strips are sprayed, and the bottom film and the non-woven fabric are still in the gap between the glue strips. It is in a separated state. After the compounding is completed, remove the tension of the stretched bottom film. At this time, the bottom film returns to its original shape. In the starting state, pe laminated non woven fabric can be stretched along the vertical direction of the rubber strip. In this technical solution, neither the base film nor the non-woven fabric needs to undergo high-temperature melting and pressing, so that the non-woven fabric maintains its original softness.

Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effect of this scheme is: the base film and the non-woven fabric are compounded by adhesive strips, so that the non-woven fabric forms protrusions between the adhesive strips to realize the stretching of the composite base film non-woven fabric , maintaining the softness of the non-woven fabric, making it comfortable enough to be used in sanitary products such as diapers.

pe laminated non woven fabric

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