pe film packaging

pe film packaging

In the pe film packaging production line of sanitary napkins, since the pe film packaging material is printed with patterns, it is necessary to ensure that the length of each piece of pe film packaging is consistent with the position of the pattern when cutting, but the ends of the pe film packaging material are usually not complete The pattern, when cutting, the cutter is cut according to a certain time interval, which will cause the new material to be unable to cut the complete pattern when changing the material. At this time, a pendulum bar is needed to adjust the position of the pe film packaging material. Usually, the adjustment amount is 1-2mm each time. According to the coincidence degree of the old and new materials, the guide rod needs to be adjusted a few times or hundreds of times. The coating with incomplete patterns produced during the adjustment process is waste. , because many volumes of coating materials are replaced every day in the coating production line, so more waste of coating materials will be generated during the refueling process, which increases the production cost. In order to overcome the deficiencies of the existing technology, Jin Tong, Wang Yidong, Li Zhongmian, Wu Jun and others provided a cost-reducing refueling and cutting device for the sanitary napkin coating production line: a device for sanitary napkin coating production line The refueling and cutting device is suitable for the production line provided with the refueling cursor point on the pe film packaging, including a frame, and the adjacent first discharge roller and the second discharge roller are arranged on the frame, and the Both the first discharge roller and the second discharge roller are provided with the coating film, and a material change cutting mechanism is arranged between the first discharge roller and the second discharge roller, and the material change cutting mechanism A refueling sensor and a time delay sensor are set on it.

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