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When choosing diapers, diaper components are very important, if diaper components will make your child uncomfortable, you need to change the nappies, and it is also important that the nappies contain formaldehyde, so which nappies are better: cotton or non-woven?

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1. Diaper components cotton and non-woven which is better?

Diapers of cotton are good. Before the baby is born, mothers-to-be prepare diapers. Good quality diapers will not only relieve the baby's pain, but also absorb well in order not to make the baby's farts appear red and swollen. So, what is the best material to choose for diapers?

A. First of all, we should be clear that the main components of a diaper are the core, the top layer, the core and the bottom film.

B. The design structure and materials of the top layer and core can guarantee their breathability, while the bottom film is a roadblock to the nappy's breathability.

C. We often see test videos sent out by businesses when choosing diapers. Some businesses conduct tests, but they use new diapers that have not absorbed water as the test object. . So it is best to try them out for yourself.

D. There are three traditional base films;

PE plastic base film: poor feel, poor breathability, you can refer to our usual plastic bag on the hand feeling.

PE + spunbond non-woven top layer: feel good, easy to pilling, breathability in general.

Hot air non-woven backing film: soft feel, good breathability, price is from low to high.

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2. Diaper components quality selection

Diapers for babies should be purchased from regular brands of good quality diapers, which are relatively clean and safe to use. Diapers are disposable, so there is no need to clean and disinfect nappies. This is particularly convenient when taking your baby out. Diapers are less absorbent, but they are more breathable than nappies. Nappies and nappies are generally not recommended for babies up to three months after birth. Therefore, using nappies on your baby is usually fine from around three months onwards. As the baby's urine output increases significantly with each passing month, it is advisable to stop using diapers for your baby after the age of one and a half years, taking into account the absorbency of diapers, and to switch to nappies in time. What other issues should I be aware of when diapering my baby? Firstly, you should be gentle when putting on your baby's nappy. Your baby's skin is very soft, so check the nappy before putting it on to see if there are any hard things in it and be as gentle as possible when putting it on. You should also tidy up the edges and corners of the nappy to avoid causing discomfort to your baby.

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