The Significance Of Hydrophilic Modification Of Polyethylene Stretch Film

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1. Research on polyethylene stretch film

Polyethylene stretch film is widely used in daily life. However, due to the chemical inertness of the surface of PE materials, it is easy to be charged with static electricity, stained, bonded, and colored. A large number of scientific researchers have done various researches on the modification of PE film materials by plasma method, and the results prove that this method is feasible to improve the hydrophilicity of the surface of PE film materials.

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2. Improvement of polyethylene stretch film

Hydrophilic modification of polymer films can expand the application fields of materials. This paper will focus on the plasma-induced grafting technology and the modification of nano-SiO2 thin film method as the research objects:

A) The method of plasma grafting has the advantage of modifying the film is green and pollution-free, only changes the composition of the surface layer, does not change the bulk properties of the material, and because the graft layer and the polymer are bonded by chemical bonds, Therefore, the modified effect has a certain stability. Using a single gas plasma to initiate grafting technology is often applied to film modification. For example, commonly used modification gases include Ar, O2, etc., but this modification method often has its shortcomings that cannot be ignored. Therefore, this thesis uses mixed gas plasma-induced grafting technology to modify polyethylene stretch film.

polyethylene stretch film

B) Nano-SiO2 has the advantages of high hardness, light transmittance, good wear resistance, heat insulation, and corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in the fields of optics and microelectronics. For example, in semiconductor devices, SiO2 is used to prohibit The characteristic of variable bandwidth can be used as the charge storage layer in the memory device, the gate dielectric layer in the integrated circuit, etc.; the SiO2 anti-reflection film developed by the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics and the Institute of Chemistry is expected to be used as a material for inertial confinement fusion and X-ray laser Anti-reflection coatings are used for the light-transmitting elements of the study. In addition, the wettability of SiO2 film also has practical significance that cannot be ignored.

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