PE Breathable film backsheet

PE Breathable film backsheet

Polyolefin PE Breathable film backsheet uses calcium carbonate and other inorganic fillers as porogens to fill polyolefin to make a masterbatch, and then make a film by calendering or casting, blow molding, and finally form a breathable backsheet by unidirectional or bidirectional stretching. film. It is a polymer waterproof and breathable material, which is mostly used in products such as sanitary napkins, diapers and protective clothing. With the spread of the new coronavirus around the world, there is a greater demand for medical supplies around the world. As the demand for breathable membrane materials continues to grow, it has stimulated the growth in demand for calcium carbonate used in breathable membranes. The performance requirements of PE Breathable film backsheet include: good mechanical strength, easy to stretch vertically and horizontally; excellent hydrophobicity; relatively uniform porosity and air permeability; special morphological structure, etc. This places specific requirements on the calcium carbonate used.

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