Problems And Improvement Methods Of Sanitary Napkin PE Pouch Film

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At present, sanitary napkins are favored by women due to their softness, cleanliness, strong hygroscopicity, and convenience. Therefore, the production and consumption of sanitary napkins have also shown a rapid upward trend. This paper briefly explains the problems existing in the sanitary napkin film, and proposes an improvement method for the problems existing in the pe pouch film.

PE film

1. Problems with PE pouch film

The sanitary napkins on the market are basically sold in multiple pieces packaged in packaging bags, and each piece of sanitary napkins is individually packaged through pe pouch film. An independently packaged sanitary napkin includes a sanitary napkin body, a wrapping film wrapped on the outside of the sanitary napkin body, and a release paper pasted with it and covered on the back glue of the bottom film of the sanitary napkin.

Since the existing pe pouch film used for independent packaging of the sanitary napkin body is made of adhesive plastic paper, if the film is directly pasted on the back glue of the sanitary napkin base film, the film will be difficult to tear off . When using or changing the sanitary napkin, the user first takes out a piece of individually packaged sanitary napkin from the packaging bag, and tears and removes the film and release paper before use. This film has certain shortcomings and defects in the production and use process: first, when women use or replace sanitary napkins, both the film and the release paper will be thrown away, causing pollution to the environment; second, when women use or replace sanitary napkins When using a towel, the used part usually needs to be wiped, and the existing sanitary napkin is not equipped with a paper towel, and at the same time, neither the film nor the release paper can be used as a paper towel, which brings inconvenience to the user.

 PE pouch film

2. Improvement method for the problem of PE pouch film

First of all, it should be clear that the problem we need to solve is: eliminating the need for release paper, and at the same time enabling the wrapping film for independent packaging of sanitary napkins to have the dual functions of release paper and paper towels, reducing environmental pollution and saving production and use costs.

In order to solve this problem, an improved method can be adopted: a pe pouch film of an independent sanitary napkin is made, which is composed of an adhesive layer and a soft paper layer, and the adhesive layer and the soft paper layer are adhesively connected into one. The soft paper layer is at least two layers.

Compared with the previous ones, this method has the following advantages:

A. It has an adhesive layer and a soft paper layer. When in use, the wrapping film is wrapped outside the sanitary napkin, and the adhesive layer of the film is in contact with the bottom film of the sanitary napkin. Because the adhesive layer has the function of release paper, Producers can omit release paper when packaging sanitary napkins, save production costs and reduce environmental pollution.

B. When the user uses or replaces the sanitary napkin, the film covering the sanitary napkin is torn off. Since the soft paper layer of the film has the function of a paper towel, the user can directly use the film to wipe the used part without wearing it separately. Paper towels, easy to use.

 PE wrapping film

With the development and progress of modern society, women's hygiene awareness is gradually strengthened, and the use of sanitary napkins is becoming more and more popular. As one of the raw materials of sanitary napkins, pe pouch film has been paid more and more attention by people. Understand the problems of pe pouch film and improve the method, which is conducive to the better development of sanitary napkins to serve women.

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