non woven spun bonded fabric

non woven spun bonded fabric

Non woven spun bonded fabric technology is a kind of nonwoven fabric production technology with rapid development and high technical content in recent years, and it is one of the main processing methods of nonwoven fabric at present. This method is a one-step cloth nonwoven technology, not only has unique characteristics in terms of process route and equipment structure, but also the processed products have their own characteristics. Polypropylene spunbond non-woven fabric is mainly a non-woven fabric formed by melting and spinning polypropylene slices through a screw extruder to form a web, and the fiber web is bonded and consolidated by hot rolling. When non-woven spun bonded fabric is used as disposable sanitary materials, especially when it is used as the surface material of baby diapers, hydrophilic finishing must be carried out to improve its hydrophilicity. There are many ways to improve the hydrophilicity of non-woven spun bonded fabric and improve the wettability of its fiber surface. This article introduces the modification in the spinning stage to obtain the hydrophilicity of the fiber.

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