Features Of PE Coated Non Woven Fabric

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PE coated non woven fabric has high strength, strong water absorption and high antistatic ability. It is a non-woven fabric widely used in medical, hygiene, industrial and even automotive industries. Let's take a look at the characteristics of pe coated non woven fabric.

It is a non-woven fabric based on PE (or PP) raw material of the same toughness. After the coating process, a high-quality, long-life non-woven product is woven. It is a direct application of high polymer, and the non-woven fabric made of short fibers or filaments is a brand new thermal insulation material that has undergone multiple deep processing.

Because pe coated non-woven fabric uses needle-punched non-woven fabric or imitation bonded non-woven fabric with very excellent characteristics as the base layer, at the same time, it is also bonded to each other by tough plastic solution, thus forming a new product. It inherits the characteristics of non-woven fabrics, making it wear-resistant, durable, long-lived and more effective in heat preservation.

pe coated non woven fabric

pe coated non woven fabric is a new type of fiber product with soft, breathable and war surface structure. The advantage is that it does not produce fiber debris, is strong, durable, silky soft, and has a cotton feel. Let's learn more about the use characteristics of pe coated non woven fabric.

1. Production is environmentally friendly

pe coated non woven fabric is a drylaid nonwoven product. No water is used in the production process, nor does it pollute the water or the air. This suitability is one of the conditions for vigorous promotion.

2. Environmentally friendly use

Unlike other plastic products, nonwoven products degrade very well. pe coated non woven fabric is a non-chemical product that is very easy to degrade. Even if it is buried in the ground, it will degrade in less than a year. Unlike plastics, the better the quality, the harder it is to degrade, which can last for decades.

Coated PE film

3. Strong plasticity

Due to the green life we are now advocating, people's awareness of their own health conditions is also increasing, using pe coated non woven fabric products can not only meet this requirement, but the cost will not increase too much.

4. Good insulation performance

With the rise of agricultural vegetable greenhouse cultivation, if the restriction on crop growth cycle is to be changed, the temperature must be properly controlled. Among all insulation materials, pe coated non woven fabric has stronger insulation performance, better cost and service life, and is more practical than grass or thermal insulation quilts.

coated film

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