frontal tape loop

frontal tape loop

Diapers are divided into styles for infants and adults, mainly composed of surface layer, absorbent core, leak-proof bottom film, etc. The polymer material in the absorbent core absorbs liquid, and at the same time uses superheat distribution to ensure dryness. In order to increase working hours, reduce the frequency of going to the toilet, and save the use of protective clothing, medical staff will wear diapers to work. Since diapers are mostly of general models, the waist length cannot be adjusted excessively, and some medical staff will feel uncomfortable if they are too tight or loose At the same time, the waistline will change after the meal is completed, and it is inconvenient to adjust the diapers through the protective clothing. Therefore, it is necessary to invent a diaper frontal tape loop with stable adhesion to solve the above problems.

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