What If The Magic Side Tape Is Broken?

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1.The meaning of magic side tape

Magic side tape, as the name suggests, is an adhesive accessory used to secure diapers from falling off. So why is it called magic side tape? It is because the magic side tape on the diaper replaces the button function that cannot be adjusted at will, and can be used repeatedly.

magic side tape

2.Precautions for magic side tape

A.In the process of use, because of the concern that the sticking is too loose, stick directly to the super soft cotton fabric of the diaper when pasting the position beyond the magic side tape. Secondly, if the magic side tape touches clothes and fibers, it is because of the incorporation of debris. It will affect the use of the magic side tape, that is, the sticky we are talking about is not firm.

B.Many mothers wear diapers for their babies, they choose to wear the diapers on top of the crotch pants because they are worried that the edges of the diapers will be caught on the baby's legs, crotch or for convenience. If the baby is overweight, or It is because the clothes are worn more, which may exceed the normal pasting range of the diaper, causing the diaper to fall off, resulting in the illusion that the magic side tape is not firm.

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C.If the purchased diaper magic side tape is completely non-sticky, missing, reversed or skewed, it is a quality problem. The paste is not as firm as the mothers thought because it is worried that the wrong operation will cause direct damage to the baby's delicate skin.

D. The magic side tape and elastic waistline of diapers are the perfect partner design. When putting on diapers for the baby, the magic side tape should be fixed on the part of the diaper magic side tape. On the basis of ensuring that the magic side tape does not directly stimulate the baby's skin, while Press the edge of the diaper and pull the magic side tape while sticking themagic side tape. Pay attention to the left and right symmetry when attaching the Velcro. Can not be too far up or too down beyond the position of the Velcro. When putting on diapers for your baby, you must keep your hands dry, and change the baby in a clean condition to ensure that the baby is not invaded by bacteria and other dirt, and fix the magic side tape. The most important thing is to choose the right diapers.

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