The Benefits Of Easy Open Tape On Discarding Sanitary Napkins

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1. Why do you need easy open tape

Sanitary napkins are a must-have item for women and have attracted the attention of most women. Sanitary napkins include a top layer, a bottom film and an absorber between the top layer and the bottom film. When in use, the top layer is close to the human skin, and the bottom film has There is adhesive, and the sanitary napkin is pasted on the trousers through the adhesive on the bottom film. After the sanitary napkin is used up, it can be thrown away directly in the trash can, but because the used sanitary napkin is fully unfolded, the used sanitary napkin There is a lot of blood on the sanitary napkins, and throwing them directly into the trash can will make the trash can look messier and the bacteria will spread faster. Second, throwing sanitary napkins in the bathroom shared by men and women will embarrass women.


2. The role of Easy open tape

For this reason, on the bottom film of the sanitary napkin, there is an easy open tape that can be repeatedly peeled and pasted, and there is an adhesive on it, which will bring the following beneficial effects: After the use of the sanitary napkin is completed, the body of the sanitary napkin Tear off the easy open tape on the bottom film, and then curl the sanitary napkin body. 

abandoned tape

After curling, the blood on the sanitary napkin body is blocked, and finally paste the torn off easy open tape on the wrapped sanitary napkin body again to prevent the sanitary napkin from leaking. The main body is loose. After throwing the wrapped sanitary napkin into the trash can, the sanitary napkin remains wrapped. First, the space occupied by the trash can is reduced, and the mess of the trash can is alleviated. Second, it also makes the sanitary napkin The blood on the body is rarely exposed due to the wrapping of the sanitary napkin, which reduces the speed of bacterial diffusion. In addition, the blood on the wrapped sanitary napkin is blocked and will not be intuitively discovered by others in the trash can. The presence of women can reduce embarrassing situations for women.

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