How To CalculateThe Weight Of Non Woven Fabric Roll?

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Non woven fabric roll are also called non-woven fabrics or non-woven fabrics, which means that they do not need to be woven. Compared with traditional fabrics, they all have to go through the step of weaving.

In the calculation of gram weight and weight of Non woven fabric roll, four units are commonly used, one is yard, English yard, referred to as Y; the second is meter, English meter, referred to as m, the third is gram, English gram, referred to as gram, and the fourth is mm, referred to as mm.

1. Length

In terms of specifications, yards and meters are both calculated lengths, but there is a particular point here. This concept is also often used to distinguish experts from non-experts. Since non-woven fabrics are all rolls, the height of the roll is called the width, and the unit is meter. Said that the commonly used specifications are generally 2.40 meters, 1.60 meters, 3.2 meters.

non woven fabric roll

2. Weight and thickness

Since there is length and width, is there a thickness unit? Yes, yes, the number of grams is used to calculate the thickness, and the gram refers to the square gram weight, that is, g/m^2. Why not use millimeters? In fact, there are also millimeters, but they are used less. This is an industry rule. In fact, the square gram weight can be equivalent to the thickness of millimeters, because the gram weight of non-woven fabrics is between 10g/~320g/.

non woven material

3. Hardness (feel)/gloss

At present, there are very few non-woven hardness instruments and equipment in the market, and they are generally tested by hand/gloss.

4. The tensile parameters of non woven fabric roll 

The non woven fabric has vertical and horizontal tension parameters. If it is formed by irregular drawing and melt-blown, the vertical and horizontal tension is not much different.

non woven fabric

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