SMMS non woven

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SMMS non woven is a high-performance material used as a raw material for diapers, consisting of four layers, including two melt blown layers and two rotating textile layers. This material has excellent breathability, waterproofing, and softness, which can improve the comfort and performance of diapers.

Structure of SMMS non woven

SMMS non woven is composed of four different levels. Each layer has a different function.
1. Spunbond layer
The spunbond layer is the outermost layer, which forms polypropylene fibers into a continuous mesh structure through rotary spinning technology. This layer provides the softness and customizability of SMMS non woven.
2. Meltblow layer
The Meltblow layer is the second layer, which is made by Melt blowing. This layer of fibers is finer and can filter out small particles and droplets, ensuring the waterproofing and breathability of SMMS non woven.
3. Another meltblown layer
The third layer is also the Meltblow layer made by Melt blowing. This layer enhances the waterproofing and breathability of SMMS non woven. At the same time, it can improve the water absorption and distribution of diapers.
4. Another spunbond layer
The innermost spunbond layer is similar to the outer layer, providing the softness and comfort of SMMS non woven. This layer can also protect the baby's skin from the stimulation of other components in diapers.
Advantages of SMMS non woven

smms material

SMMS non woven has the following advantages:

A. Breakability
SMMS non woven has excellent breathability, which can keep babies dry and comfortable in low temperature environments.
B. Waterproofness
The waterproof performance of SMMS non woven is also very good, which can prevent urine leakage and prevent bacterial growth.
C. Softness
Due to the fact that both of its four layers are Spunbond layers, SMMS non woven has excellent softness and comfort, which can avoid friction and damage to baby skin.

smms non woven fabric


In short, SMMS non woven is the ideal raw material for manufacturing diapers. It has advantages such as high performance, breathability, waterproofing, and softness, making it very useful in improving infant comfort and protecting infant skin.

SMMS non woven

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