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1. Biodegradable sanitary pads materials

With the progress of the times, women's sanitary napkins have become an indispensable commodity in women's daily life. Its low price and good use comfort have won the approval of most women. However, since the 21st century, the ecological environment has continued to deteriorate. The garbage and waste that can be seen everywhere around make the public aware of the urgency to protect the environment and realize low-carbon environmental protection. Based on the above situation, this paper briefly introduces biodegradable sanitary pads materials.

biodegradable sanitary pads materials

2. Bamboo fiber sanitary napkin

The main material of bamboo fiber sanitary napkins is bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber is a pure plant hollow fiber, known as the fiber that can breathe. Bamboo fiber sanitary napkins are pure plant fibers, non-drug fibers, and the antioxidant compounds in bamboo elements can help improve the body's immunity, moisturize the skin, resist fatigue, and anti-aging biological characteristics, making consumers feel more comfortable during use , reduce skin itching, and solve the common problems of traditional sanitary napkins. Bamboo fiber sanitary napkin has good air permeability, self-cleaning, eliminates peculiar smell, and refuses bacterial pollution. It is a real sanitary napkin.

Organic cotton biodegradable sanitary napkin has multiple layers such as biodegradable coating, biodegradable bottom film, release paper, soft paper, etc. Each layer determines the quality of the product. Organic cotton sanitary napkins are barely tactile, 100% natural organic cotton, chemical free, hypoallergenic and cover the entire surface of the sanitary napkin. It is a degradable material that is harmless to the human body, which is used for the base film and coating of sanitary napkins, that is, biodegrades within 216 hours. The degradable bottom film adopts advanced technology to remove residual heat and moisture, maintaining comfort for hours; of course, users do not have to worry about side leakage during use, especially in the case of large flow, because the high-quality water absorption factor absorbs water It is extremely strong and can be locked firmly and does not flow back to ensure that the surface of the product is dry and comfortable.

sanitary napkin raw matarial

3. Better options

To sum up, this article takes bamboo fiber sanitary napkins and organic cotton biodegradable sanitary pads materials as examples to introduce biodegradable sanitary pads materials. Through the understanding of the above materials, consumers can better choose and use sanitary napkin products.

sanitary pads materials

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