The Market Of Material Spunbond In Hygienic Materials

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1. Application of material spunbond

Hygienic materials using material spunbond generally refer to baby diapers, women's sanitary napkins and adult incontinence products. Such products may also be referred to as absorbent products. Because they are all used to absorb the waste (liquid) excreted by the human body when the person cannot control it, they have good absorption performance and are non-irritating to human skin. These products bring convenience, comfort and sanitation to people's lives, and these products are all disposable, so they are required to be cheap, thin and easy to carry.

This market will continue to expand with the growth of the global population and economic development. It should be said that the absorbent product itself is a huge market, and it is also a major field of application of material spunbond.

material spunbond

2. Growth of material spunbond

Application of material spunbond in absorbent products. The earliest cladding material used only for the top layer. Of course, thermally bonded nonwovens like carded staple fibers are also applicable in addition to spunbond. In recent years, due to the successful development of polypropylene fine denier spunbond technology, the combination of spunbond (S) and meltblown (M) multi-spinning cabinets, the development of spunmelt products such as SMS and SMMS, polypropylene spinning Adhesive products are used in an increasing number of absorbent products. This includes the baby diaper itself, as well as the increase in the proportion and proportion of polypropylene spunbond used in absorbent products. Due to the production of fine denier polypropylene spunbonded and SMS absorbent products, in addition to the top covering material, the back Layers, leg openings, and transfer layers are all beginning to use spunbond products. In fact, the "covering material" we call now is often in a broad sense, which includes materials used for the "leg mouth" receiving layer and back layer. In addition, some diaper manufacturers currently use thin SMS as the back layer. 

spunbond fabric

Due to the addition of melt-blown nonwovens, there is an additional barrier that can block urine leakage. More importantly, this back layer has a more textile feel than the previous plastic film, and the skin feels like clothes, which is welcomed by consumers. Due to this market drive, the production and consumption of fine denier polypropylene spunbond and SMS have grown rapidly over the years. As some large companies have invested in new or old lines to produce fine-denier polypropylene spunbond and SMS products, and they are all concentrated in the absorbent product market, there has naturally been a change in the relationship between supply and demand. In fact, at present, the supply of such products in developed countries has exceeded the demand. In addition to spunbond and spunmelt nonwovens, short fiber carded nonwovens are also used in absorbent products. However, apart from polypropylene products, the major part of staple fiber carded web is polyester products, and mainly used for receiving transfer and distribution layer.

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